The Web is a constantly evolving medium, which means that every day new opportunities to communicate with your customers emerge. Yet many businesses fail to utilize it to their fullest advantage. A business website is a sales and marketing investment — often poorly planned and underutilized.

C’mon, it’s time to rethink the web.

Critical Mash can help you measure the financial impact of your website on your business and develop creative solutions to your toughest digital marketing challenges.

We’ll open your eyes and help you see your website differently.

Critical Mash is rethinking how websites are designed, built and hosted to create more opportunities for small businesses. Let’s discuss your business and how your website can help drive better growth.



Grow. Revenue.
Expect more from your online marketing investment? We thought so. Rather than thinking of your website as an expense to minimize, we’ll show you how to plan a site that puts green back in your business.
Bridge the gap(s).
We bridge the gap between design and development, form and function. Oh, and the language gap between geeky developers and, well, everyone else.
Tear down that wall.
We break down the artificial walls that often divide teams and hinder more effective web solutions.
No baton-passing.
We’ll take your project from start to finish — with no handoffs along the way. One team. One goal. You get the idea.
You ring. We respond.
We’re more than a team of web designers & developers. Think of us as your content concierge. Fancy, huh? We’ll make sure you’re always serving up fresh content that your prospects crave.
Hear that?
That’s the sound of joy and satisfaction right around the corner. Working with us feels something like that.